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Waring Pro Waffle Maker

If you are looking for a Waring Pro Waffle Maker, you have found the right place. You will find what people like and don't like about these popular waffle makers.

Waring Pro WMK300A Waffle MakerIf you are looking for a Waring Pro Waffle Maker, you have found the right place. You will find what people like and don’t like about these popular waffle makers. They are one of the most searched for models online.

The WMK300 and WMK300A (shown to the left) are basically the same with the exception of the finish, one being stainless steel (300A) and the other brushed stainless. These are the two most popular models, but there are several others. I will give brief reviews of each of them to help you decide which is the right waffle maker for you and your family situation.

First will be the two most popular models the 300 and 300A, with just the different finishes. On Waring’s site, they now only show the 300A, which shows that is the most recent of these two models. With each of these having over 500 reviews on Amazon, they both get a 4 star rating. I have read through most of the reviews and here is a summary of the features that people like the most and the ones they like the least. When there are over 500 reviews some people will like a feature that others don’t.

Since I try to be a positive person, I will start with those features that people like most. Customers love the control that determines the crispness and “browness” of the waffles. Once you get used to your particular waffle mix, the ease of operation was cited often. Preheat (it beeps when ready) and just spray on your oil (first waffle only), make sure it is an oil for high temperatures, add the batter with the handy measuring cup, turn the unit over with the handle, and wait for the beep to tell you it is finished. The whole process takes about 5 minutes for the first waffle and then the next ones are faster because it is preheated. This model works like the commercial models you see in many hotels where you make your own waffles, but those models cost a LOT more. Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker

There is a brand new model in this line that has no reviews at the time I wrote this, it is the Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker. I see two differences from the above models., one difference MAY be to address the major complaint below. The wattage was lowered from 1200 to 1000 watts. A blue light now shows the unit is ready to add the batter and again to let you know it is finished baking. It is shown in the picture at the right.

Many customers said they had bought many different kinds of waffle makers and had been disappointed until they discovered one of these. One said they had bought seven different ones before finding this one. That person must really love waffles to spend that much to find the one they liked so much. So save some money and click on one of these model numbers to get yours, the WMK300 or the WMK300A. Many said this unit makes the perfect waffle if you follow the directions and find the temperature adjustment you and your family prefer.

Unfortunately the biggest complaint was a major one. Several people said their units just stopped heating up, thus making it useless. But one reviewer said this was an easy fix, a fuse has burned out. He said it was an easy fix and the fuse can be bought for $1.50. Here is a link to the review giving this fix. I could add more, but these were the major things people liked or didn’t like about these two models.Waring Pro WMK600 Double Waffle Maker

There are two Waring Pro Double Belgium waffle makers, the WMK600, the one presently shown on the Waring web site and also pictured to the right, and the WWM1200SA. The 1200SA is in very limited quantities and costs more, so I recommend the WMK600 and will focus the review on it.

This model has nearly 400 reviews and has a 4+ star rating. Having a double waffle maker obviously speeds up the process of making waffles for a family and allows you to cook with two different batter recipes. Yu can even cook them on different setting, but at the same time. You will have to decide if the higher price justifies being able to do these things.

Again, most people loved this waffle maker. Several warned to not expect perfect results until you have made a few batches to get the settings the way you and your family likes them. But once you do, you will love it. Another warning was be careful of adding too much batter and causing a strain on the hinges. Several said to NOT fill the measuring cup to the top, to help prevent this strain on the hinges which some said this caused the hinge to pop open. I tend to favor the being safe rather than sorry approach.

About 90% of the people gave this either a 4 or 5 star rating. But the most common complaint I saw from the 10% who gave a 3 star or below rating was the inside did not get done enough. Without knowing the situation of each, I would suggest trying different recipes or waffle mixes if I was having this problem. If you care to purchase this double waffle maker click this link or the photo above which will take you to the page to either purchase or get more information.

If you are looking for a Waring commercial waffle maker, click this link to get all of the information. I did not review these since most people are looking for home models.

I hope I have given you enough information to help in your decision of what you were seeking. At the bottom of this post there  are links to other waffle makers I have reviewed. Thanks for reading this post, we know your time is valuable and we appreciate your spending some time here.


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