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Waring Crepe Maker Review

This review of the Waring Crepe Maker will reveal why it's the #2 selling crepe maker on Amazon. It shows the most and least liked features of this model.

Waring Crepe MakerThis review of the Waring Crepe Maker will reveal why it is the #2 selling crepe maker on Amazon. You will see what people like the most and least about this model.

If you are looking forward to being able to prepare and serve delicious crepes like those shown on the left, check out the rest of this review to see if this is the best crepe maker for you.

Whether you are looking for a commercial crepe maker or just a great one for the home, look at these features and make an informed decision. The image to the left is courtesy of Amazon and you can click on any of the Amazon buttons below to take you to this model.

Waring Celebrating Their 75th Anniversary

This year (2014) Waring celebrates their 75th anniversary, so you know it is a company that has passed the test of time. They are known for their quality kitchen appliances for both the home and commercial businesses. They are a company with a proud history that stand behind their products.

Waring Commercial Heavy Duty Crepe Maker 16 Inch Griddle

The 16 inch heavy duty cast iron cooking surface was the favorite feature of this model. The less expensive models all had much smaller cooking surfaces. Many also loved the cast iron cooking surface. If it is seasoned correctly, it almost makes it a non-stick surface. It takes some time and patience to do this step correctly which is explained completely in the directions. This process takes up to an hour and a half, but it is important to do this correctly. Several people said that the longer you use it the better it gets. Just like with your pans, some like cooking with cast iron and others prefer non-stick. But nearly all commercial versions have cast iron. Customers loved the larger crepes that can be made with the larger cooking surface.

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Stainless Steel Base of the Waring WSC 160 Crepe Maker

The attractive stainless steel base is both easy to clean and looks great on a kitchen counter or in any commercial setting. Most people want their appliances to look as good as they work. You can tell from the photo above that this has the look of quality. The rubber feet on the base make it sturdy. It also comes with the stainless steel spreader and spatula shown in the photograph above.

Only Requires 120 Volts

Unlike most commercial electric crepe makers which require a 220 volt outlet, the Waring commercial crepe maker only needs the more common 110 volt outlet. This is especially useful for those who want this model for home use which normally don’t have access to a 220 volt outlet. The one drawback of this feature is it takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the desired temperature. Just remember to turn it on before starting to prepare your batter. By the time you get it prepared, the crepe maker should be about ready for use. The larger, 16 inch heavy duty cast iron cooking surface requires this amount of time when using the convenient 110 outlet.

Adjustable Thermostat on Waring Crepe Maker

The adjustable thermostat goes up to 570 degrees. This allows you to cook all sorts of batters from crepes to pancakes. Of course it can also be used to cook other things, especially for home users. Commercial users will most likely use it just for crepes and maybe pancakes. The ready light will alert you when it has reached the desired temperature.Waring Commercial Crepe Maker

Economical Price for a Commercial Electric Crepe Maker


The Waring WSC 160 Crepe Maker is about a third of the price of other commercial models. So the question arises, if it costs much less than other commercial models, is it a good commercial crepe maker. After reading over two hundred reviews, there seems to be a  divided opinion about this. I will try to summarize what I found out through my research. If crepes are not your primary menu item, this model should do the job for you. One reviewer said he leaves his on all day long and others that had cafes loved it. But as a primary appliance for a creperie, I don’t think it would be satisfactory. One creperie used it for their gluten free crepes, which was a small part of their orders.

On the other hand, most home users loved the model.  Although this one is much less expensive for a commercial model, it is more expensive than other home models. But then those other home electric crepe makers  don’t have the 16 inch cast iron cooking surface.

Pros of the Waring Commercial WSC160 Crepe Maker

  • It has a large 16 inch cast iron cooking surface.
  • Easy to clean and attractive stainless steel base.
  • Makes larger crepes than home crepe makers.
  • A convenient light alerts you when ready for use.
  • Uses 110 outlets for convenience.
  • Much less expensive than other commercial models.
  • Made by Waring, a 75 year old company known for quality appliances.


  • It takes 20 minutes to reach desired temperature.
  • High price for a home crepe maker.
  • The cast iron cooking surface takes a while to season properly.


If you want a large,cast iron cooking surface for your home, you should consider this Waring crepe maker. If you have a restaurant, café, or other food service business and offer crepes on your menu, but it is not the main menu item, this could be a good option for you to consider. You can click on the Amazon button below to read even more. There are also other crepe maker reviews below.Buy from Amazon button





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