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Sodastream Fountain Jet

The Sodastream Fountain Jet is the number one selling soda maker. This review will show why it is so popular and what people like and don't like.

Sodastream Fountain JetThe Sodastream Fountain Jet is the number one selling soda maker. This review will show why it is so popular and what people like and don’t like.

Home soda makers are becoming more popular, especially this time of the year. So why is this one the best selling soda makers at Amazon.

First, Sodastream has become the leader in this field. Plus many people have seen these on television and decided they want one.

People are becoming more health conscious and are paying more attention to what they put in their bodies. These drinks have no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame like most of the ones we buy at the store. There are currently over 60 flavors including most of the popular ones that we are used to drinking.

If you haven’t seen the TV commercial, here it is. It will show how easy it is to use and start making your own favorite soda or flavored water at home. You might just want a refreshing glass of sparkling water.

Now I will focus on the reviews that owners have left. I will start off with a very honest statement that might sway you away from purchasing this appliance. It seems people either love or hate this machine. I can usually summarize the reviews so you get an accurate understanding of what people think about a product. But this one had a lot more 1 star reviews than most who have an overall 4 star rating like this one does.

Most of the negative reviews focused on one or two features. Some complained about a problem with getting new CO2 cartridges, while others gave several stores including Sears, Target, and Costco to name just a few where you could get them. Figure in the cost of the replacement cartridges when figuring your total costs for these drinks.

Others complained about the tastes of some of the Sodastream flavors. If you want to buy the Soda Stream Jet for a particular beverage taste, you might try to sample that flavor before purchasing. Others talked about how much they enjoyed some of the flavors. You should notice that neither one of those were complaints about the Jet itself.

Flavors are a personal taste, just like some people prefer a Pepsi over a Coke or Dr. Pepper. There is no way to make a taste that will please everyone. But you do want to have some flavors you enjoy or this would be a big waste of money.

Reviewers said it was very easy to use and was well made. Some preferred different amounts of carbonization in their drinks and so you might have to experiment some to get the amount you like best. A lot of people said the kids loved being able to make their own drinks. Having said that, it goes without saying, too many soft drinks are still not good. But there are healthy alternatives, at least healthier ones.

There is no battery or electricity needed, so you could carry this with you on a picnic or other outing. The CO2 carbonator is all that is needed to generate the fizz. Then mix you favorite flavoring and shake (very gently) to give an even mix, and you are ready to serve.

Sodastream Carbonting Bottles

You will probably also need to get some extra Sodastream carbonating bottles as shown in the photo to the right. That will allow you to have more than one drink flavor available. These bottles have a life span of about 2 years. It comes with two, 1 liter bottles.

While you are at Amazon, check out all of the different  Sodastream flavors, so you can choose the ones you want after you have tried a variety of flavors.

I want to sincerely thank you for visiting our page and hope you have found the information you were seeking. I have tried to give you enough information to decide if this is the soda machine that will best meet your needs.

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