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Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Have fun with your own Mickey Mouse waffle maker and enjoy these delicious treats at home. We found the very best selling model online for you.

Mickey Mouse Waffle MakerHave fun with your own Mickey Mouse waffle maker and enjoy these delicious treats at home. We found the very best selling model online for you. Whether you have children or you are a child at heart, who doesn’t love Mickey.

This very popular Disney waffle maker will allow the kids to have delicious waffles any time they want them. Now let me review the good, the bad, and the ugly about this waffle maker.

This model gets hot very quickly which is shown when the light (in the shape of Mickey) turns from blue to red. Then it will cook your waffle in just a minute or two, depending on how brown you want it.

It has a non stick coating and if you spray it with a little oil, it comes off quite easily with a wooden spatula. You might have to experiment with different times to find what works for you and your family. If you are making several of these in a row, be careful that it may get hotter the more you make at one time. You can limit this by turning it off after making a couple. Be sure to just lift using the handles as the other parts get very hot.

Now if you love the traditional indented waffle, you will be disappointed with this model. It is more like a pancake than a waffle, but it still tastes delicious.

Even though this is a Disney model, it is NOT the model that is used at many Disney resorts. Many people were disappointed in their reviews because they were hoping this would be like the ones they experienced on vacation.

Also several years ago there was a model made by VillaWare that is no longer in production, so it is only available from a very few places. I will include a link to this model here, but beware that this is a very inflated price from the original sales price.

But reviewers that had previously owned this model or the one before this were not very happy with this one. A common complaint fromt hem was this is not a waffle but a pancake.

But in the category, “waffle irons” on Amazon, it is the number 5 selling model so many people are buying this Mickey waffle maker. And overall it gets about a four star rating.

Usually one side will show Mickey’s face better than the other, so you may need to turn it over to get the best side facing up. One way to get a better shaped pancake is use something with a smaller opening to pour your batter into the grill plate. This is especially true for the ears portion. You could use a syrup pitcher or something similar to control the amount of batter being pored into the mold.

Mickey Mouse ToasterIf you want a bigger breakfast, you can even go a step further and get a Disney Mickey toaster here which will give you two pieces of toast with the face of your favorite mouse on each. I will give a more complete review on this later.

You can even get an egg ring here that will allow you to make an egg in the shape of this famous character’s head. It can also be used to make small pancakes or as a cutter to cut other things in the shapeMickey Mouse Egg Ring of his head.

If you have taken your kids to one of the Disney resorts, they probably have this mouse on their minds, so it would be fun to surprise them with one of these for a birthday or Christmas. Or maybe even better, just surprise them with by searching them one of these for breakfast for something special. Then they can have it more often later.

I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to visit our site. We hope that we have provided the information you were seeking.

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