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Making the Perfect Waffle

Here is a great video showing how to make the perfect waffle from scratch.

I found this great video of how to make perfect waffles from scratch. I don’t think there is much I can add to it since it does a great job from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t yet have a waffle iron or want a new one, see my reviews of some of the best buys for your money at the bottom of this page.

Be sure and read the directions on your waffle maker to see how long they suggest the cooking time. Some have a light that will alert you and some don’t. There are many other things such as adding pecan bits and other things to add some variety to your waffles. Be as creative as possible. Remember waffles can be served many different ways. Here in the south, a lot of people like chicken and waffles served for dinner.

I used to love the Belgian waffles from the State Fair of Texas. They were covered with strawberries and whipped cream, oh what a delight! I will try to help your imagination and do another posts with many different photos or you can check out our Facebook page @ Kitchen Gadget Man where some mouth watering images will be shown. We will be highlighting many different recipes and photos there to show all sorts of our favorite kitchen gadgets.

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