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Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer Review

This review of the Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer will look at why it is the best selling turkey fryer and also what people don't like about it.

butterball electric turkey fryerThis review of the Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer will look at why it is the best selling turkey fryer and deep fryer. But we will also show what people don’t like, as well as what they like.

Masterbuilt and Butterball teamed up to make a turkey fryer that was safe enough to use inside, even on your countertop. The result was the Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer. There is quite a bit of confusion when you go to Amazon via the above link.

If you look just to the right of the image on Amazon, you will see there are really three different models, this being the XL version to allow you to fry up to a 20 pound turkey. The other two versions are a smaller one, the large which allows up to a 14 pound turkey, and an oiless one, which is for outside. This led to a lot of confusion in the questions and comments section. For instance there were several asking why they said this was oiless, confusing it with the other model. Probably, they should have made two separate product listings so the comments would be about the correct model.Buy from Amazon button

But this is  a fryer that uses oil, but not near as much as the traditional turkey fryer and much safer. It can also be used for seafood boils and as a steamer. Try that with those outdoor models. There has to be reasons this is the #1 selling deep fryer as well as the best selling turkey fryer. It is even the #2 selling small specialty appliance. A lot of people want this Masterbuilt turkey fryer. Most chefs will agree that using peanut oil is one of  the better, if not the best choice for a great fried turkey. Since you can reuse this oil for up to five times, you can afford to spend a little more on your choice of oils.

Before I talk more, here is a promotional video showing the versatility of this appliance and what all it can do. It is part of an infomercial, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video should be even better.

I wanted you to see that video so you could see that this fryer is much more than just a turkey fryer that you might use once or twice a year. You can see all of the other things this versatile appliance can do and something you can use so many different ways. Even if you try to do only healthy cooking and don’t fry often. How many fryers will allow you to boil or steam also?

After seeing this model, I can’t understand why anyone would want one of those outdoor models that can be so dangerous with their open flames. If you love being outside on a cold November day to fry your turkey, you can take this one out there too as long as you can get to an electrical outlet.

Then when you want to treat your family to a seafood boil, just pull this baby out and you will be on your way. There is even a recipe available on the page where this is featured, as well as many others.

I hoped you watched the video and especially paid attention to the safety precautions. Although this model is much safer than those outdoor models, you can still get burned easily if the proper precautions aren’t taken, just like frying chicken in a skillet.

I found that most of the negatives seemed to be about the outdoor, oiless version. So I don’t think I could give it a hearty recommendation. But the large or XL that I have focused on would both be great choices. Most people only use those outdoor versions, once, maybe twice a year. This one saves you on oil and it can be drained and used up to 5 more times, both money saving features. Throw in the other ways to use it and you will find that it can replace a couple of other appliances.

Thank you sincerely for reading this review. Please feel free to make any comments below. To make a purchase or simply get more information click on the blue button below.

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