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Black and Decker Waffle Maker

Trying to find a Black and Decker waffle maker? You have come to the right place. Find out why people like or dislike these.

Black and Decker Waffle MakerTrying to find a Black and Decker waffle maker? You have come to the right place. Find out why people like or dislike these.

Black and Decker actually make more than one waffle maker. The one shown at the left is known as the Black and Decker flip waffle maker. It makes the 1″ thick Belgian waffles. They also have one that is not the flip kind, but more on that one later.

The feature that most people talked about was that it had no temperature control. I will ad an interesting footnote to this. Many of these people also said they bought this after having waffles while on vacation at their hotel. Those commercial models don’t have a temperature control either. You will learn if you want your waffles a little darker, just don’t remove them when the green light comes on. Leaving them for another minute or two will give a more crispy waffle.

Some people liked not having to mess with different controls and most said the waffles came out perfect every time. Of course, others wished there were those controls to give them more control. Some wished it had a beep to let you know it was finished rather than just a light. Several people suggested also buying a set of non-stick tongs to remove the waffle from the appliance.  Several said be sure and read all of the directions. Certain spray on oils will cause problems with the non-stick surface.

One of the most positive reviews came from a soldier on a small base in Afghanistan who cooked waffles for 200 soldiers 3 times a week and loved it. That is more use than a family would use in a lifetime. This is about as a glowing review as one could ever hope to see.

A few said that the handle was a little awkward when flipping the waffle over. This flip method allows the thicker Belgian waffles to be thick and fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. There were a few who had got a unit that stopped working after a few uses. Unfortunately, this happens with nearly any appliance and the reason they offer a warranty. It is still frustrating if it is you that gets the lemon.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a flip waffle maker, this is one of the least expensive choices and you ought to give it serious consideration. Click this link to purchase or get more details.Black & Decker Chrome Belgian Waffle Maker WMB505

The other model is the Black & Decker Chrome Belgian Waffle Maker WMB505. It is one of the least expensive waffle makers online and is the #9 selling waffle maker at Amazon, one spot higher than the above model. The obvious major difference as you can see in the photo to the left, is it is not a flip model.

This model is presently being sold at under $20, so it is one of the least expensive waffle irons at Amazon. In fact, it is the most inexpensive of the top 20 best selling waffle irons on Amazon. This is a no frill model but most people were very satisfied with it and loved their waffles. I was pleasantly surprised t the number of five star ratings this one got because it is so inexpensive. In fact it had an overall rating of over 4 stars.

I read all of the reviews on Amazon to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. A couple of people wrote about the hinges breaking. I’m assuming that this being under $20 that it isn’t the best made product online. But it is the best selling under $20 waffle maker. So be careful when opening it to not put to much stress on the hinges. One person giving it a lower rating said it didn’t make the thick Belgian waffle. I couldn’t find any information on how thick the waffles were. But Black and Decker did name it a Belgian waffle maker. No one else complained about the thickness. When only one or two complain about something, you wonder about the complaint. But I am trying to present all sides of what I fund while researching this appliance.

If you want more information or to purchase this Black and Decker Belgian waffle maker, just click this link.

Here are the two most popular waffle mixes online at Amazon. The #1 best seller is the Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle Flour. The #2 seller is Pamela’s Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix.

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