Welcome to Kitchen Gadget Man

Welcome to our site, where you will find reviews of all the latest and coolest kitchen gadgets as well as some of the old favorites.

Welcome to our site, where you will find reviews of all the latest and coolest kitchen gadgets as well as some of the old favorites. I will start with some of the ones we use and then move to 001ones we would like to have. I will strive to give you honest reviews, with the good, bad, and ugly based on our personal use or my research. I have always loved these things that can make our life in the kitchen easier and more efficient.

I look forward to sharing all of this with you over the coming months. So please consider bookmarking our site and come back often to see what is new. Also if you are considering a new kitchen gadget of any kind, please leave a comment or contact me and I will try to move that request to the front of the line.

Nearly any thing used in the kitchen from small appliances, to pots and pans, and down to the smallest kitchen tool will be fair game. I will strive to keep the site updated when newer versions of the items as they are introduced.

I’m not really sure where my addiction started. I’m a native Texan and have always loved attending the State Fair of Texas which is one of the largest such fairs in the world. There were always these people giving demonstrations of this or that which will enable you to slice or dice something better. They would tell you it was worth so much, but for the first 10 people who take advantage of this special order, they would throw in all of this other stuff. I was always a sucker for these pitches. But most of the time I REALLY loved those products.

I also have crazy sleeping habits. If you can identify, you know late night TV is full of infomercials. You guessed it, I love those too. And then there are the shopping channels. Unfortunately my wife also started getting addicted. We finally had to cut up our HSN card to make it more difficult to stop all of those impulse purchases.

KitchenAid Artisan 5 Qt MixerWhat is so odd, normally I take forever making a buying decision. I will shop in stores and then online to make sure I am buying the best one for the money. But if it the deal of the day and you can save so much money, I start foaming at the mouth.

Now you know how I got hooked on these. The site will allow you to see the best items in each category that we discuss. Sometimes we will look at the “best xyz under $$”, other times it will be simply the “Best XYZ.” I will start with some of my very favorite kitchen gadgets and expand from there. Thanks for visiting us and please check back often and share the site with your friends.

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